Top London Cleaners Harringay

Our staff can sanitise your house and do the housekeeping chores that you don’t have time for. They can do this once in the week, fortnightly or as often as you prefer. You can use our office cleaning services which will ensure the hygienic condition of your working place. Take advantage of the services of our professional cleaners to remove the smudges, stains and dirt from your carpets, sofas and armchairs. We provide excellent cleaning of carpets and upholstery which can be used in domestic, commercial and rented properties. Our professional cleaners operate in Harringay and work seven days in the week.

Hourly Based Service

  • Domestic Cleaning
  • One Off Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • End Of Tenancy Cleaning
    from £89
  • Carpet Cleaning
    from £48

If you need professional end of tenancy cleaning, get in touch with our phone operators. They will prepare you a free quote and schedule your cleaning for a suitable date and time. Our end of tenancy cleaning services are suitable to be used by property owners, letting agents and tenants.

The cleaning machines and detergents which our employees work with are advanced and harmless for the health. You can order one or more cleaning services and receive a discount of your price. Our professional cleaners will ensure the spotless condition of your home and property, located in Harringay and this won’t cost you a fortune.

If you don’t have the necessary time and machines to ensure the hygienic condition of your home, rented or commercial property, you can rely on our company. The professional cleaners who work for us can maintain the cleanliness of your house, flat, rented rooms and office.

They can sanitise your upholstered pieces of furniture, carpets, mattresses and curtains. Our professional cleaners are at your disposal in Harringay to provide the cleaning services which you need. They work seven days in the week including on bank holidays as well.


Why you should have your home professionally cleaned?

Because as much as you wish it to be true most of the times your cleaning is not enough. Hiring professional help is something that is common and will benefit your home greatly. Our trained professionals use safe methods and equipment, they clean with efficient products that do not just move the dirt around, they eliminate it.

Why you should hire our professional cleaning services?

Our company has had quite the experience in providing various professional cleaning services. When you hire any of our services you are guaranteed to have a team of well-trained and knowledgeable cleaners that will clean your home to the last detail.

Is it necessary for someone to be present during the cleaning?

That is up to you. As our cleaners have flexible hours you can schedule the appointment for whatever time is convenient for you. You can be at home or not, all we need is a key or a neighbour to let our team into your home. All of our cleaning teams have been under a background-check and are trusted. What is more, if you hire a regular cleaning we can send the same team to your home each visit so that you have a peace of mind.

Should you supply the cleaning products?

Mainly we supply our own professional cleaning products and equipment. For any specific or deep cleaning our teams are equipped with a number of special cleaning agents that you will not find in your regular local store. We try to keep up with the innovations in both cleaning technology and products. We will only need you to provide the cleaning products if you book a regular domestic cleaning, because we want you to choose the products that your home is treated with.

How can you pay for the service?

We will not require a deposit upon booking. You will pay us only after the cleaning service has been performed. We have a number of payment methods and you can choose the most convenient for you. Bank transfers seem to be the most common and used methods by our customers, but you can also pay in cash, check, etc.