Floor Cleaning

floor-cleaningOur mission is to satisfy the preferences of all of our customers and to clean their floors in an impeccable way. We have prepared every detail of the cleaning procedures and thanks to our experience we are convinced that we could really help you with the annoying spots on your floors.

Forget about the hours spent in mopping and trying to remove the dirt – leave all to us and we will take up immediately.

Floor Cleaning & Polishing Price per sq meter
Floor polish stripping £1.50 £1.35
Synthetic / Safety Floor £2 £1.80
Vinyl Floor £2 £1.80
Floor polishing £2.60 £2.30
Tiles cleaning £4.30 £3.80
Marble – Terrazzo £4.30 £3.80
Marble Crystallisation £10 £9
Natural Stone/ Limestone £3.90 £3.50
Terracotta £3.90 £3.50
Wooden floor £2.60 £2.30


We offer you the following things included in our floor cleaning:

  • extensive cleaning with suitable detergents
  • using of innovative methods for working
  • competent and skilled cleaners
  • very moderate prices
  • attention to every detail
  • excellent working schedules

Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing

floor-cleaning2You can make an appropriate appointment with our cleaners during the week or at the weekends without any hesitation. Top London Cleaners will come equipped with all the detergents for a perfect floor cleaning and they are eco friendly which means that they won’t endanger your health in any way. Our interesting methods of working will definitely make a good impression to you and we cannot wait to show you that we could really be very efficient when it comes to floor cleaning.

Explore the opportunities that you have with our company and book the best floor cleaning in the region. The spots will immediately disappear and yo will enjoy your sparkling clean premises for a longer time. The moderate prices and the loyalty are things that are valued by our customers and that you can certainly find in our company.

Take advantage of our exclusive offers and you will be amazed by the effectiveness of our cleaning methods. It is easy to have clean floors thanks to us, and you will quickly understand this if you choose our outstanding services. Our call centres are awaiting for you ,so in case you want to understand more about our floor cleaning call us now.