Top London Cleaners

Top London Cleaners Ltd. is a number one cleaning company in London. They are occupied with cleaning and focus on home care. They can perform a few cleaning tasks in the house such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, regular dusting and vacuuming.

Carpet Cleaning

carpet-cleanerAlthough vacuuming can be a part of the solution, it is not enough for maintaining a healthy atmosphere and ensuring the well being of your family or employees. In brief carpets are the “trap” that catches all the harmful agents in its fibres so if you want to get rid of them, you’d better consider taking advantage of our top quality carpet cleaning services. A special powder will be spread onto your carpet and then removed by a powerful carpet cleaning machine. We are positive that the result will exceed your expectations.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

end-of-tenancy-cleanersWhen people move in a new property, they would need to focus on safely transferring their personal belongings, knowing the new neighbours for example. The left property is already in the past and the new life is expecting you. We can help you to easily say goodbye to the house that was your home. Unfortunately, estate agents have strict requirements about the condition of the property. Here we come at your help. We are specialised in dealing with customers who have high standards for living. Perfection is their priority and we are able to meet it.

Domestic Cleaning

domestic-cleanersIf you want to manage with all the household activities on your own but you have a busy working schedule you may find it difficult to provide all the procedures that are required for maintaining the nice appearance of your premises.To order a service that combines a variety of household duties, one of the best options is to choose domestic cleaning service. Despite the fact that it is offered by many cleaning companies in London, only few of them provide perfect implementation of this cleaning service. You can be sure that our services are the best.

Office Cleaning

commercial-cleanersProviding your place of work with cleanness and hygiene is very important not only for the comfort of employees but for their health as well.Every indoor space has to be cleaned regularly in order to create a pleasant environment to work in and to be able to focus on what is important.A mess in the office can really create an atmosphere, which makes people lose their concentration and work less effectively than they could in another, nicer and cleaner, office. Creating a healthier environment for your workers is essential for the success of your company.

Deep Cleaning

deep-cleanersEvery house, apartment or place of work has to be provided with cleanness, in order to create a hygienic environment for people to spend time in. Hygiene in every indoor space is extremely important not only for our health but for our comfort as well. A pleasant and clean environment makes a significant change in the way we feel about spending time indoors. When it comes to good health, it’s important to keep our places clean and free of dust mites and bacteria.


House Cleaners

house-cleanersEvery dedicated housewife wants to create a good impression by maintaining the great condition of the property but that’s not always possible due to the lack of time or will to handle the house chores after a tiring day at work. There are so many problematic spots within every household and the desired cleanliness can hardly be achieved without some professional interference. Why don’t you arrange a reliable cleaning assistant who will take utmost care of your house on regular basis?


Flat Cleaning

flat-cleaningHolidays are that time of the year when you have a few days off and you want to meet all your friends and relatives and spend some time together. But if you want to invite them to your place, you have to clean it up first. Don’’t let the mess ruin your family gathering. If you are located in London, you can book a flat cleaning service and we will make your place spick and span. You can find us every day, we have flexible schedule and low – cost professional cleaning services for your convenience. Call us and get your free quote now.


After Builders Cleaning

after-builders-cleaningAfter builders cleaning can be a very tedious task, especially after mass construction or repair. We have assembled a team of professional cleaners who are ready to help you get out of this ordeal. Our workers are offering professional cleaning services in London for a very long time and have developed an excellent repute. We are currently rendering our services to our valuable clients in London and the feedbacks from our clients are, as usual, highly positive. If you want to hire expert services to clean up that trash, no look further. Just give us a call and we are here, at your service.

Oven Cleaning

oven-cleaning When cleaning, many people focus on the most common areas in the house and they often forget to clean their kitchen appliances. If this is the case with you, don’t stress out. Use our help.
Our cleaners are very meticulous and clean ovens thoroughly, from range hood filters to racks. We’ll get your appliance clean both from inside and outside.


Mattress Cleaning

mattress-cleaningOur eco-friendly equipment which consists of powerful machines will bring out all the dirt and dust particles which have been accumulating in the layers of your mattress over the years. With our cleaners by your side, you won’t have to worry about any germs and enjoy a good night’s sleep. No matter how good or expensive a certain mattress is, if it doesn’t receive regular cleaning cares, it will inevitably become spoiled over time. With little help from our reliable specialists you will be able to preserve this one of your possessions for a long time.

Removals Services

removals-servicesAre you considering moving houses in London? As you know the process is very tedious and stressful. You have many responsibilities, you need to decide what stuff you will take with you, then pack it.

It takes a lot of time. When you are finally done with that, you will need to transport your belongings to the new property. This is the hardest part. You have to find somebody to help you move your stuff. If you’re looking for a reliable removal agency, be sure to contact us.

Floor Cleaning

floor-cleaningIf the dirt on your floors has accumulated so much that you hardly remember its clean and shiny condition may be the right time for its professional cleaning has come. Ensure yourself the comfort of possessing ideally cleaned floors by our team of cleaners and you won’t be disturbed by the idea that stains and dirt have found place on them.

Take up with other pleasant activities instead of dealing with these cleaning duties and trust our professional opinion and methods of working.

Pressure Washing

pressure-washingWe are a cleaning company from London and our primarily goal is to achieve for the residents of the capital excellent cleanness. The pressure washing is a technique which we often use for the disinfection of driveways, patios, roofs, walls and many other things from the real estate properties of our clients. This is a very useful method for the safe removal of any dirt, dark stains and spots, as well as dust and garbage from the previously mentioned areas of the home which are usually accumulating after a substantial use.